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Empowerment doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey. It’s a feeling. It’s a path of discovery that takes time, and here at I-N-U Success Coaching, we want to reward perseverance for putting yourself on the path to success.

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Book In 12 Sessions And Get 25% OFF Your Total Price

Positive change doesn’t happen overnight, but we will work together to make sure it happens.

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We’ll work out what you REALLY want, and how we can help you get there.

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"I really enjoy sessions with Indu. After each session I feel more empowered, more aware and had clarity to act in a new way. Totally recommended!"


“Indu is thorough, professional, empathetic and a good listener and will take the time to understand your situation. She will give simple techniques and strategies to overcome barriers that will help you, both professionally and personally.”


“Indu is an amazing coach and evaluates the needs of her clients and tailors her program individually to match her client needs. I feel blessed to have found her and will always be grateful for her support in my adventurous journey of life.”

9 out of 10 people waste money on success coaching. Are you one of them?

When creating our FREE 30-minute consultation, we took into account what people are saying about life coaching.

We understand that people are often quite skeptical of working with a life coach. They aren’t entirely sure what a life coach is, or does. Sometimes they stress about the horror stories they’ve heard about their friends working with a life coach.

I can’t promise the world, because it’s not fair on you to be over-promised and under-delivered to. But in the 30-minute consultation, I’ll endeavour to ensure that we meet each other eye to eye and learn how we can help each other.

I-N-U Success Coaching prides itself on premium services for affordable prices. Why? Because you keep tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket.

But how can you be sure I’m the right life coach for you?

Well, let’s find out in a 30-minute consultation. Shall we?


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